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The Style Guide

I am a New England Graphic Designer with over ten years of freelancing experience and more than five years in the industry. There are a wide variety of skills I’ve picked up along the way, such as floor plan creations, renderings, vinyl and application work, pre-production, event graphics, and so much more. As a Lead Graphic Designer, I ensure quality work for all my clients and maintain a positive teamwork environment.


I absolutely love my career, but when I unplug from my computer I am as far away from screens as possible. I love traveling, kayaking, and hiking. I have been to a bunch of lakes, coasts, oceans, and islands looking forward to many more.

I’ve kept some hobbies over the years like crocheting, sewing, cosplaying, and video/board games. My all-time favorite experiences have been sewing and designing costumes for myself and my clients. It has been such a delight to create something new by hand.


Senior Director of CoMEOWnications


Senior Director of Keyboard Stepping


Visited states




Missing Pencils