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As a highly skilled New England Graphics & Visual Designer with over a decade of experience in freelancing and the industry. Thriving on exploration and continuous skill development, she has acquired a diverse range of expertise, including floor plans, renderings, vinyl design and application, event graphics, and more. As a lead, Katryna ensures top-notch quality and fosters collaboration. They effortlessly utilize applications like Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign to create stunning visuals. With a knack for following branding guidelines and crafting new ones, she designs cohesive marketing materials for print and digital media. Katryna’s unique expertise in vinyl design, cutting, and application sets her apart, allowing her to create captivating designs for various media. She is committed to delivering outstanding results, exceeding expectations, and creating visually captivating experiences.


I absolutely love my career, but when I unplug from work I am as far away from screens as possible. I love seeing my family, friends, summer BBQs, game nights, traveling, kayaking, skydiving, and hiking. While New England is my home I am always exploring new lakes, coasts, oceans, and islands.

I’ve kept some indoor hobbies over the years like crocheting, sewing, cosplaying, video games, and board games. I would like to say my most unique and favorite hobby has been designing costumes and props for myself, my friends, and my long-time clients.


Senior Director of CoMEOWnications


Senior Director of Keyboard Stepping


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